Gates Install & Repair

Gates Install & Repair

Is it a residential home or commercial business? Do you need gate repair and/or installations on this property? Then you need to call our gate repair and install company in the city of El Cajon. Our company can do so much for you and do it with the highest quality of work.

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Custom Made Gates

Custom Made Gates

We are a custom made gate company in El Cajon that provides 24 hour a day service. Yes, this means 7 days a week. We are there when you need us. If you have a gate that is need of repair or replacement you can call us and we will come out as fast as we can and get you back in business.

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Driveway Gates

Driveway Gates

There is more then one driveway gate opener company in El Cajon. But if you want a company that you can always

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Worried about door maintenance and gate repairs?

You have come to the right place! Get educated below.

  • How to open (or close) an automatic gate during mains failure?

    All automatic gates are fit with backup batteries so that they can be opened and closed in case of a mains failure. The system is designed in such a way that if and when the power supply switches off, it automatically shifts to the battery’s power supply. Hence, it is always a good idea to keep the backup battery on check, especially if you have experienced a mains failure recently.

  • Should I replace my old gate opener?

    Generally it’s a good idea to upgrade to modern gate openers every few years or so. Newer gate openers are safer, quieter, and use less power to run than older models. However, if you’ve just replaced your motor, it might be better to wait until it starts to degrade before replacing the opener.

  • What are positive stops in gates and when are they used?

    Positive stops are devices used to stop the movement of a gate while it is in the open or closed position, for both commercial and residential installation. According to gate experts in El Cajon, these positive stops are required for hydraulically operated gates and are advised when using linear operators. They are not necessary when swing arm operators are used.

  • Are there gate services available around the clock?

    Yes. Certain gate companies offer 24/7 gate services, which can be very helpful in emergency situations. Our experts say that you shouldn’t hesitate calling for emergency services if you encounter problems with your gate opener late at night. Gates are part of the home’s security and should not be compromised.

  • What do I need in order to automate my existing gate?

    Motorized operators are the first things you'll need. Then gate repair El Cajon experts recommend investing in remotes, receiver, and photo eyes for safety, postal key switch, and vehicle loop detectors among others. A signage indicating that gates are automatic is also helpful.

  • Can I install a gate intercom system by myself?

    It depends on the type of intercom system that you purchased. Radio-controlled or wireless intercoms systems can be easily installed by just following the procedures given in the manual that comes with the intercom system when you bought it. Experts of Gate Repair El Cajon do not recommend that you install hard-wired intercom systems. They require drilling holes and fishing wires through walls.

  • When do I use my overhead gate’s manual mode?

    There are two common situations when the manual mode is used. When you experience a power blackout, using the manual mode will enable you to open and close your gate even without electricity. On the other hand, specialists from Gate Repair El Cajon advise that you also put your gate in manual mode when you plan to do minor repairs or maintenance on your gate.

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