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Our team is always happy to answer questions our customers may have. In fact, to save you the trouble, our experts created this informative FAQ page. Check out the answers our gate repair specialists provided below, and let us know if you're looking for more information.

When do I use my automatic gate’s manual mode?

There are two common situations when the manual mode should be used. When you experience a power outage, using the manual mode will enable you to open and close your gate even without electricity. On the other hand, specialists from Gate Repair El Cajon advise that you also switch your gate to manual mode when you plan to do minor maintenance or paint it, to avoid someone accidentally activating it during that time.

Can I install a gate intercom system by myself?

It depends on the type of intercom system you purchased. Radio-controlled or wireless intercoms systems can be easily installed by just following the procedures given in the manual that comes with the system when you bought it. Our experts at Gate Repair El Cajon do not recommend that you install hard-wired intercom systems yourself. They require drilling holes and fishing wires through walls, and the process needs to be carried out by professionals to avoid future problems. Our team is happy to help if you need us.

What do I need in order to automate my existing gate?

A motorized gate opener, also known as an operator, is what you'll need. This is the device that automates the operation of the system by providing a physical drive system and horsepower to move open it. The device relies on photo-eye sensors to alert it when an obstacle is blocking the gate's path so that it will reverse its movement. Consider also adding vehicle loop detectors for extra safety. You'd also probably want to invest in a remote control or a wireless keypad to enhance security. A signage indicating that gate is automatic is also helpful.

What are positive stops in driveway gates and when are they used?

Positive stops are devices used to stop the movement of a gate while it is opening or closing, for both commercial and residential systems. According to our experts, these positive stops are required for hydraulically operated gates and are advised when using linear operators. They are not necessary when swing arm openers are used.

Should I replace my old electric gate opener?

Generally, it’s a good idea to upgrade to modern gate openers every few years or so. Newer models are safer, quieter, and use less power to run than older models. They also usually have new innovative features that can make your system a lot more convenient to use. However, if you replaced your motor unit somewhat recently, it might be better to wait until its condition starts to degrade before getting a new gate opener installed.


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