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Garage Door Repair

Garage Door Repair Services | Gate Repair El Cajon, CA

It's sometimes impossible to avoid every possible problem that a garage door system can suffer from. Some issues can be unexpected, and some accidents can feel like they just dropped down on you out of the blue. Well, our team is here to tell you that, when something unexpectedly goes wrong, our technicians at Gate Repair El Cajon are the ones who can set it right.

Damage to The Panels

Your garage door can be damaged due to a variety of reasons, whether from an accidental collision with a car, to a tree hurled via a hurricane. Some reasons may be less likely to occur than others, sure, but regardless of what caused the damage, the result will be the same. Our team can help you acquire new panels from the door's original manufacturer, and to then install them in place of the damaged sections without compromising the look or insulating qualities of the door.

The Door Barely Moves

This type of issue is likely caused due to either a blockage of debris or bent tracks, or due to a worn spring that's no longer able to properly lift the door. Whatever the case, our experts will be able to help. Repairing bent tracks and adjusting or replacing old or broken springs are two of the many tasks our technicians specialize in, so you can always count on us to complete them not only quickly, but safely as well.

My Opener Won't Move The Door

The garage door opener is an electric motor unit that uses both mechanical and electrical components in order to operate. That means it can experience a vast and diverse range of issues, from frayed wiring to broken motor gears and even trouble with the drive system, such as a broken chain or a torn belt. Whatever the cause of the problem, our technicians will troubleshoot the opener, locate the main source of the issue, and apply the suitable solution to ensure the problem is completely resolved.

Something Wrong? Let Us Help

Regardless of what type of problem you find yourself dealing with, if it involves your automatic garage door or your electric gate system in any way, our company's professionals will be happy to provide the assistance you need. Give us a call today to benefit from our commitment to excellence and our same day service policy.


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