Gates Install & Repair

Gates Install & Repair

Is it a residential home or commercial business? Do you need gate repair and/or installations on this property? Then you need to call our gate repair and install company in the city of El Cajon. Our company can do so much for you and do it with the highest quality of work.

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Custom Made Gates

Custom Made Gates

We are a custom made gate company in El Cajon that provides 24 hour a day service. Yes, this means 7 days a week. We are there when you need us. If you have a gate that is need of repair or replacement you can call us and we will come out as fast as we can and get you back in business.

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Driveway Gates

Driveway Gates

There is more then one driveway gate opener company in El Cajon. But if you want a company that you can always

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Excellent suggestions to avoid problems!

Outstanding ideas and practical tips for gate maintenance and repair! Preventive measures are always the best! Check out what you can do to avoid gate problems and deal with everyday issues!

  • Properly maintain your gate

    After a new gate installation, don’t think that your gate no longer needs maintenance. To avoid problems that will eventually require major gate repair. Be sure to regularly clean and check your gate. Inspect instances of corrosion. Check for hinges and other moving parts that could be broken. Immediately contact your gate contractor once you notice any problem.

  • Life span of remote control batteries

    Our professionals believe that remote control batteries should last for several months or even up to two or three years depending on which type of brand is used. The longer the life of the batteries, the higher the cost will be. So invest carefully the first time round.

  • Make sure gate posts are installed properly

    Gate posts differ in size depending on the requirements of your gate but if you want to make them more stable, make sure the holes are concreted, supported with braces and that there is a slope that will allow the flowing of water.

  • Inspect the gate often

    The sooner you discover problems with the gate mechanism, the better. Hence, maintenance service is important. Inspect the components, the movement of the gate and the residential gate opener often, in order to prevent major issues with repairs. Check the system once a month since it's exposed to elements 24/7.

  • Get a lock for your gate

    On their own, gates with electric features are some of the most secure closed barriers, to the point where most people would have a difficult time attempting to open them. However, local gate experts suggest outfitting your gates with supplementary locks. This is due to the fact that gates can vary depending on their type and operators. Getting a lock for your gate is not a bad idea, as it doesn’t hurt to be too careful.

  • Doing Some Carpentry

    If you have a wooden gate or wooden braces or posts in your gates, expect that these will get rotten. Rotten gate repair is no job for the experts. If you know carpentry then you can do the repair by yourself. All you have to do is cut the rotten portions and fill the gaps with wood fillers or totally replace the rotten portions with new lumber.

  • Taking Precautionary Measures

    You should take the necessary precautionary measures in giving your gate the proper care in order to avoid any untoward incidents. Being familiar with the contents of the user’s manual is one important thing to do. Kids should also be warned on the dangers of playing around and near the gate. Making sure that your gate is flawless of any defects to ensure safety.

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